Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blanco y negro, 2015

This is the second presentation of the project "Black and white". The first exhibition took place at "Casa de los Coroneles" 2014 under the tittle "Avec le temps" 2014. The piece is an ongoing project that explres our perceptions about death.

"First we must reach a stage of change. So we must recognize that in the philo-sophical us there is no classical Termi-peaceful coexistence of opposites vis a vis, but a violent hierarchy. One of the other two terms governs (axiologically logically etc.), or the-upper.
To deconstruct the opposition, first of all, we must cancel the hierarchy at any given time. For the conflict-operate-we forget the troubled structure and the subordination of the opposition. "

In his theory of Derrida opósitos alert ejerciada deviation on the perception by the exist-ence of antagonistic terms, opposed language. What it should have been complementary antagonistic and / or hierarchical (male / female, old / young, love / hate ...) This perception leads to a vicious ten-er understanding. And in no area it is this reality so evident as in the binomial life / death.
How is it possible that in their respective definitions seem like one exclusion of the other and vice versa? Have you thought humans could isolate and conquer that way?
In this unexplored area of ​​the possible inclusion of opposing pairs we are particularly interested in the tour through a combination that considreamos essential and that is the binomial life / death. Today it is impossible to imagine life without their eventual disappearance, much as humans are em-Pène otherwise.
We propose an exploration of death and life concepts from a multidisciplinary perspective, creating such an installation. Mainly through video projections, some pictures and various objects will be reflected in our exploration of the gallery space, opening the specta-dor the opportunity to delve into these concepts, from a deconstructionist perspective.

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