Monday, July 20, 2009

About rosamesa&ThomasPProffe

Since 2005 when the artists met each other in Barcelona they have worked in several projects. “Project Jaume Sabartes” was the first one, presented at the International Games of Ephimeral Art in Barcelona, the piece was a public intervention in the Plaza Jaume Sabartes, behind the Museo de Picasso. The piece was thought to denounce the expropiation of the families that inhabite the plaza for hundreds of years.
The expropiation was done by the city of Barcelona and then it allowed the development of a free space in the backyard of the most popular museum in Barcelona. It was an outrageous invasion of the artistic institution in the lifes of people without any benefit for the neighbours. “La Camara Indiscreta” again denounces the excesive surveillance in the citys, through a project in which the artists created city maps for tourists that shown the diferent points in which you are being watched. The project intent to be realize in different cities. “Canibales” is a project that begins with the unfair named given to the natives people of Antilles as a general misconception, the lack of understanding of western cultures about other cultures. The piece deals with inmigration as well as misconceptions in a humorous tone. Different posters are spread in the city showing recipes to eat humans, refering to them by their ethnic bacground and given a blog adress to contact if desire. It speaks about the consumption of multicultural artifacts and culture as a way of simply devouring it, often disconnected of the original producersand with a lack of respect for them.
“Visible Walls” is again a piece exploring borders, walls, the inside and outside and the ambivalence of all of them. It denounces our need of control and limitations.

The duo originated as a response paralel to each other practice They work with the surroundings where they live. It was though in its early conception as a satellite project meaning
-it is an observation project more oriented to processes and dicoverys that to actual art production.
-in them the artists approach the urban spaces as well as the art practice to watch. -because both live outside their cities of origin so they feel always in movement
-and finally because it works in the peripherial realm of contemporary art culture through interventions, performance, installations and in general a multidisciplinary practice.

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